Hiking Trails

The seven acres that used to be the Mill Ridge ski area from 1970 to about 1995 is quickly reverting back to a natural area of wooded slopes and wildflower-filled meadows. The Mill Ridge POA now owns the old ski slopes and trail area being developed by volunteer Mill Ridge property owners. Please see the latest newsletter if you'd like to volunteer your time for a few hours one weekend morning.

The paths are not completely finished, but most are grass-covered and mowing has made them easy to find and follow. There are a few places where short sections of path are a bit steep or not perfectly smooth. But overall footing is good and the walk is easy.

The roads at Mill Ridge are very walkable, but the Nature Trails add a wonderful side trip through a natural setting. Dozens of species of wildflowers line the trails. And there are nice views in many places, including a picnic table at the top of the ski slope. The upper chairlift terminal is still in place.

More Information

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